Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders
Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders
Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders
Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders
Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders

Aqua Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders

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If you're trying to LOSE WEIGHT, BUILD YOUR BOOTY, STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE, and want to be able to WORKOUT ANYWHERE ANYTIME without any expensive gym equipment, you're going to 💖 our ab sliders and resistance loops.

Our premium workout equipment is 100% compatible with the BEACHBODY 80 DAY OBSESSION program and will have you crushing your goals in style - at an affordable price.

We've included 2 BONUS exercise guides with over 55 additional exercises so you can get the most out of your stylish exercise gliding discs and resistance bands.

Features & details

  • 💖 LOSE WEIGHT - Cute and stylish exercise slides and bands. Excellent for burning fat, flattening your tummy, losing inches around your waist and toning your arms, legs and back. Works great with HIIT, cardio, circuit training, strength training, yoga, hot yoga, stretching, pilates, crossfit and more! 
  • 🍑 BUILD YOUR BOOTY - Glute activation can lead to significant results over time. Our core sliders and resistance bands for legs and butt are ideal for activating, targeting, firming and lifting the glutes. Sculpt your way to a rounder booty. Shape your legs and thighs with only a few hours each week. 
  • 🎀 STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE - Strength comes from the core - having a strong core is extremely important! Our 12" x 2" resistance bands and sliders (7" diameter) - are perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles and working your core. Helps with tightening and flattening your tummy. 
  • 🌸 WORKOUT ANYWHERE ANYTIME - No time to go to the gym? No problem! With our compact workout equipment, no expensive and bulky equipment is necessary. Our strength slides with booties let you workout on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home. Or use our compact cute teal travel bag and take your loops and sliders on the go. 
  • 💯 PROTECTION GUARANTEE - Firstly, thank you! We truly appreciate the opportunity to have you as our customer. We love our resistance loops and sliders, and hope you will too. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly work with you to resolve the issue.


Whats included in your stylish bundle:

🌸 2 x 7" Pretty gliders exercise discs
🌸 1 x Light 12" x 2" resistance band ~ 10-12 lbs (0.5mm)
🌸 1 x Medium 12" x 2" resistance band ~ 15-20 lbs (0.7mm)
🌸 1 x Heavy 12" x 2" resistance band ~ 25-30 lbs (0.9mm)
🌸 1 x X-Heavy 12" x 2" resistance band ~ 30-35 lbs (1.1mm)
🌸 BONUS 1 x Drawstring teal travel bag to take your gear on the go
🌸 BONUS 2 x Exercise Guides

We are 💯 committed to your satisfaction, we love our products and hope you will too!

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